• Bibliotheca Alexandrina Careers | Software Engineer - ICT Sector

    Bibliotheca Alexandrina Careers | Software Engineer - ICT Sector

    Location: Alexandria, Egypt

    Job Description

    Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria) is currently looking for a Software Engineer

    This job involves information systems development, testing and installing software solutions.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Develop programming modules and unit tests, making specific determinations about system performance.

    • Write, edit, and debug programs and unit tests for assigned projects.

    • Test programming modules to ensure that logic and syntax are correct.

    • Document programming modules and system configurations

    • Help in the process of technical documentation.

    Job Requirements

    • BSc in Computer Engineering.

    • A TOEFL certificate is required (500 paper based degree/173 degree computer based/60 degrees internet based or IELTS (5 points) or equivalent and recognized by the Library of Alexandria. For those who do not possess one of these certificates when applying for this job, he/she will verify (if selected) by providing the required certificate within a period not exceeding three months, otherwise his/her acceptance for the job shall be cancelled.

    • Full-time job.

    Job specific Skills

    • Ability to write, edit, and debug computer programs to achieve desired output

    • Very good knowledge of computer languages, data structures, computer logic and flow-charting.

    • Very good problem solving and communication skills.

    • Ability to work productively in a team.

    • Very good knowledge of standard development tools: IDEs, issue tracking systems, source control, wikis,…etc

    • Good knowledge of computer program design methods and techniques, e.g. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts and MVC.

    • Good knowledge of database management systems.

    • Good knowledge of scripting and automation.

    • Ability to learn new programming languages.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

    Employment Type: Full-time Job

    Job Functions: Engineering/Information Technology(IT)

    Job Location: Alexandria, Egypt

    Application Deadline: 15 January 2019


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