• U.S. Embassy in Kuwait Careers | Electrician

    U.S. Embassy in Kuwait Careers | Electrician

    Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Job Description

    The U.S. Mission in Kuwait is seeking (2) two eligible and qualified applicants for the position of an Electrician in the Facilities Management Office

    The incumbent reports directly to the Electrical and Plumbing Supervisor in the Facility Management office. The position holder is employed as an Electrical Technician to accomplish skilled maintenance and repair work at the journeyman electrician level, to International Building Code standards, throughout all facilities within the Embassy Compound as well as 24 government owned residences, and a Government owned Chief of Mission Residence (CMR). The Embassy Compound includes office buildings, grounds, out buildings, ancillary structures, and residential owned properties.

    Employed as an Electrical Technician to carry out skilled maintenance and repair work at the journeyman level, to International Building Code standards, throughout the New Embassy Compound to include office buildings, grounds, out buildings, ancillary structures, and residential owned/leased properties. Work assignments include installation and repair of electrical hardware, associated peripherals components, circuit configuration, optimization of equipment performance through preventive maintenance, electrical power distribution systems, power and lighting panels, control circuits, voltage regulators, transformers, switchgear, automatic transfer switches, uninterruptible power supply systems, lighting systems, and any other item that has an electrical connection.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

      Operations Support

    • Performs hands-on installation and repairs of the electrical power and lighting system, control circuitry, and other building electrical systems. Work includes, but is not limited to emergency generator controls, HVAC power and controls, mechanical pump power and controls, fire alarm system controls and devices, panel boards, UPS system, automatic transfer switches, relay controls, programmable control systems for switchgear, medium voltage transformers, motor control centers, convenience outlet power circuits, lighting fixtures and lighting control circuits.

    • Performs preventive maintenance on the electrical power and lighting distribution systems and related components to maintain system operation and reliability to ensure uninterrupted power to critical facilities, equipment, and critical systems. Uses Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) techniques to determine system reliability, schedule equipment shut downs for preventive maintenance, and to predict when equipment and/or systems will need to be replaced.

    • Inspects, tests, evaluates, calibrates and updates electrical power and lighting distribution systems and wiring to improve reliability and to assure dependability, safe operation, and code and OBO compliance. Inspects facilities; equipment; systems; and work of vendors to determine condition of facilities, safe operation of equipment, quality and safety of work being performed and/or recently completed, and scheduled maintenance. Provides routine inspections on all systems, as specified by manufacturer requirements and equipment operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals.

    • Removes, relocates, repairs, installs and tests electrical equipment to maintain occupant comfort and equipment protection in buildings and structures. Restores the operation of non-functioning equipment to the manufacturer's recommended operating parameters.

    • Ensures proper use of time, tools, materials and parts, and provides labor and material data on all completed scheduled and unscheduled work orders and maintenance tasks so the Work Control Clerk can perform accurate data entry and close the work orders in the CMMS program.

    • Responds to 24-hour emergency calls during off-duty hours when critical systems have stopped functioning, or there is an imminent threat to the life safety of personnel, or structure integrity.

    • Maintenance Support

    • Maintains all electrical systems; drafts and submits reports to the Maintenance Supervisor and/or Electrical and Plumbing Supervisor detailing operational efficiency of systems, equipment, and critical components.

    • Assists in the preparation of Statements of Work (SOW) and other construction documents for repairs, new construction, and renovation work.

    • Assists in providing guidance and training to other Facility Management LE Staff and vendors/contractors in the correct operation of equipment, proper use of diagnostic devices to inspect and test materials used to complete required maintenance activities, general operations, and future expansion projects.

    • Assists in the development and implementation of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for electrical generation and distribution systems, equipment, branch circuit wiring, and associated electrical components and devices when new structures or equipment are brought on line, or re-commissioned after a being overhauled.

    • Logistic Support

    • Contributes to the safety program managed by the POSHO.

    • Collateral duty assignments will be at the discretion of the Electrical and Plumbing Supervisor or the Maintenance Supervisor.

    Job Requirements

    • Completion of High School is required. Completion of vocational training program (minimum 2 years) resulting in the issuance of a diploma/degree from an accredited institute recognized as producing journeyman level technicians with specialization in the Electrical field is required. The Incumbent will have completed courses of study covering the principles.

    • Three years of journey-level experience in the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems, power generation and electrical distribution systems, grounding, and control circuitry. This should include a minimum of two years work experience on similar sized equipment configurations and systems with an increased level of complex work requirements.

    • Level III Good Working Knowledge Reading/Speaking/Writing English. Language skills will be tested.

    • The incumbent must know how to install circuits and electrical apparatuses, diagnose electrical problems in circuitry, make repairs that meet or exceed the standards of the IBC, and what constitutes proper preventive maintenance. Must be able to use diagnostic equipment and be able to analyze readings to determine what and where the electrical problem is located. Must be able to use safety equipment when working near energized equipment and parts. Must be able to read and interpret construction and as built drawings, schematics, manufactures' shop drawings, and performance curve charts and graphs.

    • The incumbent shall have superior skills and abilities in the following areas: diagnosing and repairing electrical power generating and distribution systems, lighting and power branch circuit systems and components, and taking equipment readings with various meters. Must be skilled and comfortable using hand tools, power tools, and specialty tools to determine appropriate repairs. Must be able to use tools of the trade in order to install, troubleshoot and repair building electrical systems.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: U.S. Embassy in Kuwait

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Salary/Compensation: KWD 10,252 - 14,893

    Application Deadline: N/A