• Mashreq Bank Jobs | Assistant Manager Consolidation & MIS, Dubai, UAE

    Mashreq Bank Jobs | Assistant Manager Consolidation & MIS, Dubai, UAE

    Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    Preparation, collection and consolidation of data for all profit centers so as to produce timely and accurate monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual Group Accounts & MIS in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), include audit, publication and printing of audited financial results. Maintenance of General Ledger (GL) systems (Flexcube & Oracle) across all legal entities in terms of new GL set up, changing existing accounts, open Inter HO/Branches accounts. Assisting to prepare & provide information to external auditors, UAE Central Bank examiners, rating agencies & PMAD for smooth accomplishment of their respective functions.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Prepare monthly consolidated group financial statements including quarterly / reviewed financials and annual financials prepared as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

    • Liaison with external auditor for Quarterly & Annual Financials for MB Group, representation letter, publication & printing of Group Annual Report.

    • Arrange to open set up of new GL Accounts in Flexcube and OGL and Inter Ho/branches accounts in UAE and Overseas Branches.

    • Manage receipt of monthly downloads from Flexcube and Oracle. Assistance in due analysis / validation produce periodic data relating to Mashreqbank Group (UAE, Overseas & subsidiaries) for consolidation of financial results for the Group through automatic process (OFSA/HFM).

    • Act as Central point for managing (prepare, validate, upload & reconcile) all financial adjustment (OFSA/HFM) across legal entities to finalize consolidated MB Group Financials.

    • Manage and update all maintenance tables (OFSA/HFM) required to prepare MB Group Financials like GL mapping, Branch code, Business group, cost centers etc.

    • Prepare information relating to Mashreqbank shares trading activities in Dubai Financial Market (DFM) for submission to management and maintain record thereof. Also arrange for payment of DFM Invoices.

    • Safe Custody of Property Documents, Share Certificates, Gold Coins and other MOA and AOA of different subsidiaries and arrange for its annual audit.

    • Support to PMAD for providing information to reconcile Financial and Management Reporting

    • Review audit engagement letters and invoices for correctness and arrange this to be signed. Also arrange approvals and/or payments for Overseas Consultancy Audit activities.

    • Preparation of Information for Foreign Investment Surveys and economic surveys from various Emirates Statistics center.

    • Assist in other functions viz., Voucher posting, auditors letter to Management and prepare/update SOPs/flow chart for existing and new functions as and when changes are made.

    • Involve in testing and implementation of IFRS reports for consolidation to align with the change/revision in the International Financial Reporting Standard disclosure requirement.

    Job Requirements

    Job Details

    Company: Mashreq Bank

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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