• ALEXBANK Jobs | Sr. Auditor - General Functions Audit

    ALEXBANK Jobs | Sr. Auditor - General Functions Audit

    Location: Egypt

    Job Description

    ALEXBANK is currently recruiting for the role of Senior Auditor - General Functions Audit

    Perform internal audit tasks and analyze the paperwork, files, and documents of head office audited entities such as Compliance Including AML and FATCA, Finance/Accounting, HR and organization, Procurement, Legal and Real Estate to :

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Implement the proper understanding considering risk-based auditing methodology and the approved scope of each audit assignment and coordinate with the key person in the concerned audited entity to obtain the initial requirements.

    • Identify weaknesses areas to do further testing activities.

    • Establish a good understanding of the bank activities, reports, and procedures and the objectives of each process in order to clearly recognize the deficiencies and weakness in performance.

    • Ensure proper application of procedures and regulations.

    • Ensure compliance with management’s stated objectives, bank policy, and with certain governmental regulations.

    • Identify and recommend solutions for areas where controls and processes can be improved and for inefficient areas of operation.

    • Evaluating the safeguarding of assets.

    • Preventing and detecting errors by identifying and evaluating significant exposures to risk and contributing to the improvement of risk management and control systems.

    • Formalize the findings with sufficient supporting documents.

    • Write clearly the engagement findings and determine the adapted recommendation in order to communicating it to the appropriate parties and monitoring the disposition of those results

    Job Requirements

    • Experience in auditing the following areas “Compliance “AML & FATCA” Head Office level, Finance “IFRS9”, Legal, HR, Real estate.

    • Risk-based Auditing.

    • A minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in internal and/or external audit.

    • Fluency in English and Arabic

    • Solid awareness of related regulations and circulars adopted by the regulator CBE.

    • Understanding of IFRS 9 Measurements and application under banking Scope.

    • Analytical and problem-solving abilities.

    • Ability to work autonomously in a team-driven environment and Attention to details.

    Job Details

    Company: ALEXBANK

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Cairo, Egypt

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