• ADIB Bank Careers, Egypt | E-Payments Manager

    ADIB Bank Careers, Egypt | E-Payments Manager

    Location: Egypt

    Job Description

    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - ADIB is currently recruiting for the role of E-Payments Manager

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Develop reports of e-payments performance

    • Pay visits to branches to follow-up on products penetration, activation and check customer experience and issues first hand

    • Frequent Market Survey and market scan on Competition Offering

    • Report and follow-up on raised customer issues on e-payments products

    • Monitor adherence to SLA on activities performed related to e-payments products process.

    • Analysis on the monthly complaint reports for e-payments

    • Obtain approvals on functional scopes from relevant business and support areas

    • Perform UAT for new initiatives, upgrades and fixes representing the customer’s point of view

    • Obtain required approvals on published content, contracts, NDAs and any related documents

    • Analyse all business requirements and design products roadmap.

    • Improve e-payments products customer experience

    • Cover the business side for UAT activities as well as obtaining required approvals for relevant published features or content.

    • Maintain E-payments products sufficiency generating to make sure that service quality up to required standards

    • Manage vendors and partners relationships

    • Create Business Requirement Documents for new projects related to e-payments products.

    • Create MEPs related to department products and get required approvals

    • Maintain a close relationship with the business units and functions to identify potential areas for innovation including new business models, products & services as well as new technologies

    • Design end to end process for any current / new products & services

    • Drive execution of project plans with different stakeholders.

    • Track / monitor performance of the e-payments products to ensure proper utilization & profitability

    • Business Owner for all e-payment solutions

    • Create & Manage Campaigns for e-payments products

    • Improve e-payment products performance standards

    • Develop necessary adjustment as needed to ensure availability of the services.

    • Fine tuning current products features & functionalities.

    • Create Change Requests documents.

    • Implement of new initiative over the e-payment products to increase usage provide any analysis needed which help business in undertaking decisions & insure accuracy of data provided.

    • Perform Pilot & Post Production testing with all stakeholder.

    Job Requirements

    • University/College Degree

    • Basic Qualifications: Technical experience in e-payments and mobile wallet products

    • 6+ Years of experience

    Job Details

    Company: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - ADIB Egypt

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Cairo, Egypt

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