• EBI Careers | Assessment Specialist وظائف المعهد المصرفي المصري

    EBI Careers | Assessment Specialist وظائف المعهد المصرفي المصري

    Location: Egypt

    Job Description

    The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) is currently recruiting for the role of Assessment Specialist

    Coordinates assessment project for candidates of EBI clients to provide efficient and well-run process for EBI clients within a framework of available services and in accordance with EBI policies and procedures.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Pre-assessment: Coordinate with clients the service required and submit information through EBI system

    • Facilitate test administration, establish testing schedules

    • Enrollment of candidates in correlation to candidate names, assigned test and time of test on EBI system.

    • Coordinating project logistics (venues, facilities, technical supplies, breaks, materials, handouts, attendance, equipment) either inside or outside EBI premises

    • Request an observer for assessment session

    • Responsible for opening, introduction for the assessment session

    • Ensure integrity and quality of testing environment, including offsite locations

    • During-assessment: Coordinates/organizes during examination activities to provide support to candidate needs as well as ensure the completion of all assigned exams

    • Monitor assessment process/p>

    • Responsible for opening, introduction, and introduce the examiner for the new hire and successors

    • Observe attendees during examination in case it’s required and follow-up with observers

    • Monitor the cost during examination phase based on actual number of attendance

    • Post-assessment: Collect the assessment documents & materials from the assessment room

    • Ensure security of testing materials and test scores by monitoring test records, custody and return procedures. Report scores via automated uploads

    • Collect results, analyze and interpret data.

    • Ensure quality, accuracy of results while reviewing scores of assessment

    • Examination Cost: Maintains a record of detailed cost of an examination program for superior approval and input into EBI management information system

    Job Requirements

    • University degree, preferably an HR background

    • Some experience executing different type of projects (Ex. Participated in social events, university projects, charitable events etc…)

    • Ability to communicate both orally and in writing and to effectively interact with individuals at all levels

    • Ability to read, write, understand instructions and communicate in English

    • Organizing, planning and prioritizing work.

    • Project management concept and HR knowledge is a plus

    Job Details

    Company: Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI)

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Egypt

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