• dnata UAE Careers | Skilled Craftsman/Artisan (Multiple positions)

    dnata UAE Careers | Skilled Craftsman/Artisan (Multiple positions)

    Location: United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:


    • To perform and assist the Senior Carpenter in the construction of wooden furniture and assorted joinery for DNATA/EK and other 3rd party airlines and departments in order to meet their requirements according to specifications.

    • Metal worker

    • Carry out fabrication of metal parts and bodywork repairs for all ground support equipment of EK/dnata, and 3rd party airlines/companies in order to deliver a quality service for the availability of equipment for 24 hours Ramp operations.

    • Welder

    • Perform all types of welding works for fabrication of metal parts and repair of damages to ground support equipment of EK/ dnata and other 3rd party airlines and departments in order to meet their requirements according to specifications.

    • Painter

    • To carry out painting jobs for dnata/EK and 3rd parties in order to maintain the equipment/offices to the customers' required standards.

    Job Requirements

    • Minimum 2 years experience in relevant field.

    • 10 Years schooling or equivalent.

    • Carpenter

    • Theoretical and practical knowledge of carpentry and machines/tools used.

    • Ability to make drawings, evaluate requirements and estimate job (labour & materials).

    • Ability to understand blue prints/technical drawings.

    • Expertise in fabrication of wooden structures and furniture.

    • Metal worker

    • Technical Training Certificate in sheet metal work/welding

    • Experience in a large sheet metal workshop as a metal worker.

    • Knowledge of materials and sheet metal works.

    • Ability to carry out modifications & any type of damage repair.

    • Knowledge welding machines and welding process.

    • Ability to read blue prints and prepare drawings.

    • Ability to drive (hold a licence) is preferable.

    • Experience in repairs damage to metal body work on vehicles and replacement of vehicle panels, straightening damaged vehicles and parts using mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

    • Painter

    • Experience in an automobile paint shop as a painter

    • Practical knowledge of both spray and brush paint materials, and tools & instruments used in painting

    • Calligraphy skills for proper sign writing and freehand drawing.

    • Experience in mixing and preparation of paints.

    • Experience in spray painting and brush painting.

    • Welder

    • Technical training certificate in TIG welding and Gas welding.

    • Expertise in all types of welding.

    • Knowledge in setting up, operating and maintaining welding equipments.

    • Knowledge of cutters, shapers and measuring tools.

    • Experience in fabricating and assembling metal structures and equipment through the use of welding, to customer specifications.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: dnata

    Employment Type: Full-time Job

    Job Location: United Arab Emirates

    Application Deadline: 10 December 2018