• IBM Egypt Internship | Infrastructure Specialist Intern

    IBM Egypt Internship | Infrastructure Specialist Intern

    Location: Cairo, Egypt

    Internship Description

    Infrastructure Specialist Internship- Middle ware Administration

    IT Specialists in this job role will have expertise in managing and operation of IT hardware, software, communications, and/or application solutions, and the resources required to plan for, develop, deliver, and support properly engineered IT services and products to meet the needs of a business.

    The scope of this job role includes preparation for new or changed services, management of the change process, and maintenance of regulatory, legal, and professional standards, management of performance of systems and services in relation to their contribution to business performance, and management of bought-in services including, for example, public network, virtual private network, and outsourced services.

    Typical examples of the deliverables are service-level reporting, risk, and contingency planning. IT Specialists who primarily apply their technical skills in an internal or external customer billable services and implementation environment. The employee focuses on individual/team objectives and development of professional effectiveness.

    Job Requirements

    • Professional knowledge related to incumbent's position, team, and department.

    • Requires ability to absorb professional knowledge quickly and develop skills.

    • Draw upon professional concepts to collaborate with others to carry out assigned duties. Negotiation is required.

    Internship Details

    Company/Organization: IBM Egypt

    Employment Type: Internship

    Job Functions: Information Technology

    Job Location: Cairo, Egypt

    Application Deadline: N/A


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