• Royal Jet Careers | Warranty Executive, UAE

    Royal Jet Careers | Warranty Executive, UAE

    Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Job Description

    reports to the Procurement and Materials Division Head

    To effectively supervise the Warranty Administration Section for the eligible warranties for Aircraft Materials, Modifications, Labor etc as applicable in accordance with the industry support norms from Aircraft Manufacturers, Parts Manufacturers, and MROs etc. Liaise with all related departments like Maintenance, MCC, QA, and Finance for the related proceedings.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Ensure to review all warranty documents issued by Aircraft manufacturers for the existing fleet for Royal and/or contracted customers as applicable.

    • Setup and administer policy and procedures within Royal Jet for Warranty and Guarantee Claim Management wherever applicable.

    • Ensure to have a clear data for each aircraft with eligible warranty expiry dates for initial fitments, mod supports etc on a case to case basis.

    • Raise initiate, file, process and/or coordinate for all warranty and guarantee claims against OEMs including Aircraft Manufacturers, Third party vendors.

    • Establish a reporting system for all components/materials covered under aircraft warranty or repair warranty.

    • Monitor all Materials requirements for deferred defects and extend warranty supports to Procurement team whenever required

    • Build and keep a professional relationship with all Warranty teams at OEMs and Third party vendors, conducting reviews and benchmarking to ensure value for money and cost-effectiveness.

    • Review all aircraft defects for qualification under warranty and concur with Dev Engineering and Maintenance on the claimable in order to initiate claims as necessary.

    • Investigate the defect nature of all unserviceable parts removed from aircraft which are determined to be Beyond Economical Repairs and research in coordination with concerned Dev Engineer for the causes and liability under the agreed warranty terms and envisage, where applicable, the opportunity of availing the warranty remedies.

    • Study the aircraft modifications and component modifications where OEMs have not offered warranty remedies. Investigate the defect patterns and background and, where applicable in coordination with Dev Engineering team and Maintenance, substantiate and consolidate the facts/arguments and request vendors to provide remedies.

    Job Requirements

    • Education: Engineering

    • Minimum 2 years University Diploma in a technical discipline, preferably University Degree in an Engineering discipline.

    • Thorough knowledge of probability theories, inventory systems & models and principles of warranty claims and Material Management.

    • Knowledge of Aircraft Maintenance, Engineering functions like Base & Line Maintenance, Repairs, and Supply Chain Management and how they work individually and their process interfaces with Claims for Warranty, Guarantee & Insurance.

    • Knowledge of aircraft systems including maintenance philosophies, practices, policies & procedures, and ATA specifications.

    • Five to Seven (5-7) years’ previous experience in a similar job, with at least Four (4) years spent in Warranty Administration/Supervision related activities

    • Relevant training in Aircraft Warranties & Aircraft Material Management.

    • Experience in Warranty Administration proceedings with major Aircraft Manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier etc. & OEMs for components.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: Royal Jet

    Employment Type: Full-time Job

    Job Functions: Purchasing and Procurement

    Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Application Deadline: N/A

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