• British Council Careers | Business Analyst - Global Process Team, UAE

    British Council Careers | Business Analyst - Global Process Team, UAE

    Location: Dubai, UAE

    Job Description

    The purpose of this role is to analyse business needs and support all incumbent activities associated with overall design and continuous improvement of standard global processes within Exams

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

      Consultancy, analysis & problem-solving

    • Applies core technical/professional knowledge, recognised best practices, approaches and insights from previous experience to analyse business needs, identify common and special causes of variation in process performance

    • Conducts analysis using a range of standard methodologies and across multiple data-sets to provide high quality and evidence-based procedural recommendations/business advice

    • Deploys a range of approaches relevant to process review and design to support the provision of high quality services and advice

    • Presents complex information on Exams operations and processes clearly, tailoring the presentation of findings to meet the differing needs of both technical and non-technical audiences appropriately, as required

    • Internal customer focus

    • Builds an in-depth understanding of the specific operational context, opportunities and challenges facing their exams businesses globally to ensure the provision of procedural advice and support based on informed business insight

    • Proactively seeks internal customer and other stakeholder feedback to monitor satisfaction with the standard of functional advice and business support provided, enabling improvements to be made where issues are identified

    • Service improvement

    • Within their area of professional expertise, identifies opportunities for procedural improvements within established policies and determines the most appropriate mechanisms and processes for implementing those changes. Demonstrates awareness of relevant governance arrangements that relate to making process changes

    • Makes technical/ recommendations to resolve specific or localised issues but also offers ideas which contribute to the development of wider solutions to broader business challenges and problems with global applicability

    • Explains to customers and colleagues the need for compliance with agreed corporate procedures relevant to their area of functional expertise. Collates compliance data within standard monitoring and reporting systems.

    • May participate as part of a team to support implementation of corporate or regional change projects within their area of functional expertise.

    • Functional expertise

    • Provides proactive professional advice and support to internal customers i.e exams businesses and Process Leads to ensure local or unit-specific business practices within Exams are high quality, effective and compliant with relevant corporate policies

    • Completes an annual cycle of formally recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to maintain and deepen their professional expertise

    • Uses a variety of information resources and professional networks to maintain up-to-date knowledge of developments in external policy, practice and regulation within

    • Commercial & financial management

    • Shows an understanding of value for money/cost effectiveness in the advice, recommendations or service support provided to the business improvement team Relationship & stakeholder management

    • Develops good working relationships with appropriate colleagues throughout the British Council and in the Exams businesses, Systems development teams and Programme structures to know who to engage with to enable effective implementation of procedural changes and improvements

    • Leadership & management

    • Plans and prioritises own work activities to ensure effective delivery of diverse responsibilities and internal customer deliverables over a monthly to quarterly time horizon

    • Shares intelligence and ideas to support senior managers in identifying/ developing new ways in which the functional specialism could positively impact upon the British Council’s operational efficiency and effectiveness

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    Job Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree

    • Demonstrable experience of Business Analysis and Process Design applied in a global business area

    • Demonstrable experience of supporting projects that required in-depth data analysis and insights to address business challenges or make informed decisions

    • Working knowledge of dynamic process mapping tools and evidence of usage for effective solutions

    • Working knowledge of progress tracking tools such as Confluence/SharePoint etc with evidence of utilizing them effectively.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: British Council

    Vacancy Type: Full-time Job

    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Salary/Compensation: 18,162 AED (including housing) / medical insurance / annual leave

    Application Deadline: 31 December 2018