• AUS Careers | CAAD Lab Specialist - Media Labs, UAE

    AUS Careers | CAAD Lab Specialist - Media Labs, UAE

    Location: Sharjah, UAE

    Job Description

    CAAD Lab Specialist is a full-time, salaried position reporting to the Director of CAAD Labs. The Labs Specialist is responsible for instructional, technical and operational support for one of CAAD Labs’ groups (Material Labs, Fabrication Labs and Multimedia Labs).

    In this position, CAAD Labs’ Multimedia Specialist is responsible for the development and management of the Photography Lighting Studio, Darkroom and Printmaking Lab primarily. There is a wide range of responsibilities catering to those three labs as well as other duties to assist with general lab development. These labs are often fully booked and serve CAAD students from all levels as well as faculty.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Provides individual instruction during regular lab operating hours through demonstrations, orientations, and training sessions on lab processes and use.

    • Manages lab equipment and consumables inventory, and assists in making orders for new supplies.

    • Performs routine equipment maintenance, inspection and repair to ensure smooth operation.

    • Provides course support functions as requested by CAAD academic departments.

    • Ensures that labs meet and maintain requisite safety standards.

    • Monitors and supports student access to CAAD’s Photography Lighting Studio, Darkroom and Printmaking Lab.

    • Troubleshoots and assists students with Photography and Printmaking Lab practice.

    • Coordinating the lab’s online reservation system.

    • Assists in the production of promotional materials and website development.

    • Releases job files for students on special equipment.

    Job Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution in photography, printmaking, art and design or a relevant field of study.

    • Functional competency and knowledge in the areas of photography and printmaking.

    • Strong English communication and writing skills.

    • Working knowledge in design software applications.

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Proactive and willing to develop and acquire new skills.

    • Able and willing to work extra and/or flexible hours at peak times during the semester.

    • Preferred basic knowledge in audio/video equipment.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: American University of Sharjah - AUS

    Employment Type: Full-time Job

    Job Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

    Application Deadline: N/A

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