• Etihad Airways Careers | Navigation Engineer, UAE

    Etihad Airways Careers | Navigation Engineer, UAE

    Location: United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    To undertake navigation related technical and commercial studies, coordinate and attend simulator validations for precision approaches, identify and deliver fuel savings and provide navigation related information and documentation to Flight Crew which are in compliance with stringent General Civil Aviation Authority regulations and international Air Navigation Laws which are essential to flight safety.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Undertakes route, fuel and payload feasibility studies for all current and future destinations which are a major contributory factor when determining the financial viability of a new destination.

    • Calculates Block Times (BT’s) and undertakes seasonal BT reviews which are used to determine Direct Operating Costs (DOC’s); apply for seasonal airport slot allocations and improve on time performance.

    • Is responsible for developing and devising all new company routes in compliance with navigational airway and airspace rules which are used by the Flight Dispatch Department for flight planning the most cost efficient routes.

    • Is responsible for developing and publishing safety critical technical emergency terrain avoidance instructions that are used by Pilots during an engine failure and or rapid depressurization scenario.

    • Provides accurate fuel burn figures to finance which is used for fuel hedging purposes and to accurately determine the airlines yearly budgetary fuel volume requirements.

    • Compiles, verifies and is accountable for ensuring that the monthly Navigation data updates which are loaded on all Etihad aircrafts Flight Management Computer (FMC) contains the latest navigation information in accordance with General Civil Aviation Authority regulations.

    • Performs comprehensive technical assessments of all airports and alternate airports that may be used operationally by Etihad Airways and is responsible for ensuring that they are assessed in accordance with regulations set out by General Civil Aviation Authority.

    • Ensures that all future navigational and paperless cockpit system requirements and technological advances are planned and catered for in line with airline growth.

    • Ensures that all navigation and logistical charting requirements to support the airlines operations are planned for and met, taking into consideration new areas of geographic operations, fleet size, fleet variation and regulations.

    • Plans, organizes and participates in simulator sessions for validating specialized navigation precision approaches. Is responsible for coordinating the sessions, logging the flight data in conjunction with technical pilots and making the relevant charts available to crew operationally post approval.

    Job Requirements

    • Minimum High school education is required.

    • Aviation or Engineering related Degree or Diploma would be ideal.

    • Minimum of 8-10 years of experience in a Flight Operations division of an airline, preferably in the Navigation Department.

    • Sound knowledge of international Civil Aviation Rules and Regulations

    • Experienced in updating navigational flight management systems and using Flight Planning Systems

    • Experienced in undertaking detailed commercial route evaluations and airport technical evaluations.

    • Experienced in developing depressurization and engine failure procedures

    • In-depth knowledge of airspace rules, regulations and air routes

    • Familiar with Aeronautical Information Publications and ICAO Annexes

    • Fluent in written and spoken English with the ability to communicate at all levels both internally and externally

    • Proficient in the use of computers.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: Etihad Airways

    Vacancy Type: Full-time Job

    Job Location: United Arab Emirates

    Application Deadline: N/A