• Flight Dispatcher Job in Kuwait | Jazeera Airways

    Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Job Description

    Jazeera Airways is seeking qualified Flight Dispatcher who exercises non-shared system with PIC & has been delegated part of operational control functions such as but not limited to evaluating the weather, flight planning, route selection, cancel, delay or terminate flights with consideration given to safety and security above all other factors.

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Monitor radio communications and respond appropriately

    • Assist the PIC in flight preparation and provide the relevant information required

    • Coordinate fuelling, catering, engineering services, ramp and airport handling services for preparation of flight and cater to specific requests of crew ensuring safe, economic and on time operation of JZR flights

    • File a flight plan with the appropriate ATS unit

    • Originates and disseminates flight information to others in his/her company including stations and reservations

    • Furnish the PIC in flight, by appropriate means, with information that may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight

    • Receives post flight documents and other records, log it in the operational system, forward copies/originals to appropriate departments as necessary and storage as per procedures

    • Has Non-Shared system with the PIC for the safety and operational control of flights

    • Arranging unplanned charter or extra flights on the instruction of operations management, coordinating requisite tasks with different departments and relevant external agencies

    • Authorizes, regulates, and controls commercial airline flights according to government and company regulations to expedite and ensure safety of flight

    • Updates the pilot in command of significant changes to weather or flight plan and recommends flight plan alternates, such as changing course, altitude and, if required, en-route landings in the interest of safety and economy

    • Analyses and evaluates meteorological information to determine potential hazards to safety of flight and to select the most desirable and economic route of flight

    • Delays or cancels flights if unsafe conditions threaten the safety of aircraft or passengers

    • Prepares flight plans containing information such as maximum allowable take-off and landing weights, weather reports, field conditions, NOTAMS, and many other informational components required for the safe completion of flight such as cargo information including dangerous goods

    • Prepares and signs the dispatch release

    • Monitors weather conditions, aircraft position reports, and aeronautical navigation charts to evaluate the progress of flight

    • Flight Dispatcher is responsible to track Jazeera Airways aircraft fleet all the time and make sure Aircraft position is auto-reported every 15 minutes through Global Beacon tracking system & notify the appropriate ATS unit when the position of the aircraft cannot be determined and attempts to establish communication are unsuccessful

    Job Requirements

    • Excellent communication skills

    • Minimum High School

    • Proficient in MS Office Suite

    • Strong co-ordination skills

    • Minimum 2 years of work experience in a similar role

    • Flight planning System Knowledge and experience

    • Holds valid flight dispatch certificate/license or equivalent

    Job Details

    Company: Jazeera Airways

    Employment Type: Full-time Job

    Job Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait