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    Emirates Group UAE Careers | Security Officer - Emirates Group Security

    Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    Security Officer (Investigation & Fraud Prevention Unit)

    As Security Officer you will undertake investigations into cases of fraud and other criminal activities relating to staff, passengers and other stakeholders across the company, to protect the company from losses associated with these activities. To contribute with the development of appropriate training material and make recommendations to other departments to enhance security procedures/process and awareness within their business areas, to minimise the impact of detrimental activity, in order to protect the interest of the company and those associated with it.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Plan and coordinate investigations as directed by the Security Controller or Group Security Management into allegations of criminal activity through liaison with the line department, HR and relevant individuals.

    • Obtain written, verbal or photographic evidence relevant to the investigation by liaising with individuals, departments or external organisations (e.g. the police) as required.

    • Review information collated during the investigation and follow up on relevant areas or leads as necessary, to ensure a thorough and detailed investigation.

    • Prepare investigation reports on completed cases detailing the facts and recommendations related to the case, for approval by Group Security Management, then for submission to the line department and HR.

    • Provision of guidance and support to junior members of the department with investigations and reports.

    • Devise and deliver training for staff throughout the company to raise awareness on current areas of fraudulent or criminal activities which could cause detriment to the business.

    • Prepare monthly reports on the activities of the section for Group Security Management highlighting the number of investigations carried out, the type of incidents investigated, the time taken to conclude each investigation and the outcome of those investigations against established Key Performance Indicators.

    • Review and evaluate past investigations and examine pending investigations for any necessary action, making recommendations for operational changes in security and changes to weak links in the system based on feedback on security to ensure effective functioning of security in Dubai as well as in outstations.

    Job Requirements

    • Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent)

    • 3+ years in Security.Investigations / Fraud Detection

    • Knowledge of criminal investigations, credit card frauds, ticketing frauds, cyber crimes, security and commercial audits

    • Knowledge of airline reservation systems

    • Report writing skills

    • Knowledge of local law

    • There is a requirement to be able to communicate verbally and in writing in Arabic with certain authorities such as the courts and CID however this is not essential for all role holders and the payment of the Arabic allowance will be in line with this need as defined by management.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: Emirates Group Security

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates