• Kuwait Airways Careers | Cargo Services Officer

    Kuwait Airways Careers | Cargo Services Officer

    Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Job Description

    Kuwait Airways is actively recruiting for the role of Cargo Services Officer.

    Carries out variety areas within the Export Cargo / Import Operations / Customer Services. Assists all customer documentation to consignees or their clearing agents. Ensures that appropriate action is taken to notify consignee of the availability of customers’ freight for delivery and clearance through customs. Assists in the preparation of charge forms and sales reports. Preparation of list for unclaimed air waybills and cargo in accordance with IATA and Kuwait customs regulations, answering customer queries complaints.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Assists in the receipt of flight handling documents, such as air waybills and ensuring the immediate notification to consignees or their agents regarding the availability of their shipments in order to avoid delay in delivery.

    • Ensures and carries out the overall documentation delivery process to customers and/or agents provide all assistance in the completion of the import cargo clearance processes.

    • Prepares the financial reports, which are forwarded, on a daily basis to the Finance Department.

    • Reviews and follows up the activities related to mishandle lost and found cargo. Coordinates the activities for all export cargo documentation, which are maintained by the follow up, and coordination Unit. Includes, and follow up action for all active/unresolved correspondence and telexes with outstations, surrounding delivered and undelivered cargo for all airlines handled, and related correspondence, telexes and irregularity investigations. Liaises with other airlines as assigned, and attends to their complaints and renders appropriate services to ensure their co-operations satisfaction.

    • Prepares the monthly 51B charges report, itemizing storage and handling charges for exported cargo during the onto, including tally of charges collected against documentation for forwarding to Finance, as assigned from supervisor.

    • Liaises with Duty Manager, Export Operations on activities that occur outside normal working hours and passes the same to him for action.

    • Carries out or undertakes to implement quality initiative throughout nits as recommended by Quality Control Superintendent, Cargo Operations. Includes, constant monitoring of all tasks documentation prepared by unit staff, ensuring that a consistent level of quality to an acceptable level of standard is maintained.

    • Participates in terminal planning requirements, including new equipment and facilities for the Export cargo terminal in view of existing and future expansion, including future studying of plans for axpandation of cargo movements, evaluating existing facilities and recommending future needs.

    • Assists as assigned from supervisor in the arrangement for re-export of shipments that has to be returned as required by originating station. Ensures the preparation of charges for re-shipment, storage and other charges as necessary and to arrange to clear such cargoes through local customs prior to export, liaising with revenue to complete accounting formalities pertaining to the above subject matter.

    • Assists and liaises in the process of preparing related delivery forms, such as auction shipment list and the registration of other clearing formalities that has to be handed over to local customs authorities in order to ensure the smooth delivery of shipments to respective consignees.

    • Carries out other similar or related duties, such as special cargo handling for emergency supply, conducting outstations duty trips, as assigned, promoting cooperation and solving outstation discrepancies, reporting and supervising repairs and maintenance requirements during shift, etc.

    Job Requirements

    • Completion of Secondary (12 years) education.

    • 2 years' experience in cargo handling including successful completion of all cargo handling courses.

    • Good knowledge of English.

    • Knowledge of relevant computer system and keyboard skills.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: Kuwait Airways

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Application Deadline: N/A