• American Hospital Dubai Careers | Radiation Therapy Technologist

    American Hospital Dubai Careers | Radiation Therapy Technologist

    Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    The role of Radiation therapist encompasses supporting and assisting the Radiotherapy department in all aspects of its workflow from referral, treatment delivery to follow up. This will involve mould room tasks, localization and planning, treatment delivery and patient management and care. The radiation therapist shall adhere to these tasks according to established departmental practices and standards.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Confirm the identity of the patient, images and clinical records. Including carrying out patient safety checks before delivering radiation dose such as allergy and pregnancy status.

    • Acquire images, data and reference material for radiotherapy processes in CT and on treatment verification and able to review the suitability and quality of these images.

    • Ensure patient preparation (bowel, prep, bladder prep, anal markers, markers for painful sites, etc) has been done and are relevant to the area being scanned and treated, by referring to local protocols.

    • Confirm the location of region of interests to be scanned.

    • Able to select all equipment parameters required for image acquisition and check compliance with procedure.

    • Select appropriate immobilization devices for the area to be treated, including able to make masks for Head and neck treatments.

    • Demonstrate safe practices in producing immobilization devices.

    • Positioning the patient on CT scanner by adjusting their clothes in accordance to area being scanned to allow optimal outcome and preventing appearance of artifacts, whilst ensuring patient’s dignity comfort and self respect is maintained at all times.

    • Mark reference points for further imaging and treatment on patient’s body/immobilization/positioning devices.

    • Competent in mould room work such as making electron cut-outs and bolus, taking into account safe working practices.

    • Support and monitor the patient throughout all procedures. This involves observing the patient, equipment and the room to detect any untoward events which may affect patient safety and impact on the safe delivery of radiation dose.

    • Recognizing and assessing treatment discrepancies and ability to take appropriate actions to determine whether treatment can proceed or further action is required.

    • Assess patients for side effects and refer them to other MDT (multi-disciplinary team).

    • Review any deviations from the protocol and take appropriate action

    • Check all machine parameters, settings, monitoring and measuring devices used on the machines for function and accuracy of setting before treatment is delivered.

    • Deliver the dose according to the treatment plan.

    • Maintain QA procedures for treatment plans – such as weekly chart checks, morning QA procedures, treatment reviewed and treatment approval checks.

    • Ability to investigate and problem solve patient clinical issues, including critical thinking skills.

    • Maintaining an up to date record of machine and equipment fault logs. This includes reporting to relevant authorities about any out of tolerance measurements.

    • Ability to adapt and implement new treatment techniques.

    Job Requirements

    • Bachelors Degree/Diploma in Radiotherapy from an accredited University

    • Current National / Professional / state-registered License (Home country registration from the concerned medical council).

    • DHA License/Eligbility with positive PSV report will be a plus

    • At least 3 years experience post certification in Radiation Therapy Field

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: American Hospital Dubai - AHD

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Application Deadline: N/A