• GCAA UAE Careers | Air Traffic Control Officer

    GCAA UAE Careers | Air Traffic Control Officer

    Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    the General Civil Aviation Authority - GCAA is currently seeking to hire an Air Traffic Control Officer

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Control Air Traffic (Area - Approach) Manage and control air traffic within UAE FIR safely.

    • Manage air traffic flow as required to avoid congestion in or beyond UAE FIR.

    • Manage high workloads and stress, in particular dealing with emergencies and unusual circumstances.

    • Communicate instructions to pilots clearly to manage and control air traffic.

    • Co-ordinate with external agencies when required and in a timely manner.

    • Report Incidents Report failures, conditions and procedures likely to constitute a risk to safety and/or regularity.

    • Report incidents and abnormal occurrences to the ATC Watch Supervisor.

    • Support Development Participate on an ad hoc basis in simulation exercises and development of procedures and airspace restructuring.

    • Participate on an ad hoc basis in configuration testing and commissioning of new or upgraded ATC systems.

    • Perform other duties related to ANS commensurate with position.

    • Maintain Proficiency Complete competency examinations in both theoretical knowledge and practical performance at regular intervals as determined by the GCAA.

    • Maintain a thorough knowledge and understanding of all relevant ICAO documents – in particular Annex 2, Annex 11, Doc 4444, Doc 7030, UAE AIP and Local ATS Instructions (LATSI) for the Emirates ACC.

    • Maintain a thorough operational knowledge and understanding of the equipment and systems used for the provision of Air Traffic Services in the UAE FIR. Obtain, through pre-watch briefing, relevant information concerning internal and external conditions affecting traffic operating within UAE FIR.

    Job Requirements

    • Bachelor Degree

    • At least 2 years of AREA experience or 5 years of APPROACH experience at busy facilities

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: General Civil Aviation Authority - GCAA

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates