• ADIB Careers | Program Manager, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    ADIB Careers | Program Manager, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    Plan, Execute and deliver different transformation programs such Retail Digital Transformation (DTS) according to the approved timeline and within budget. This includes acquiring resources, advising, resolving issues and coordinating the efforts of team members across digital factory, IT, Branches, Channels, HR, Risk, VMCP, Operations and working with consultants in order to deliver multiple large Programs according to plan

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Operate the Program Management Office for DTS and other future key strategic programs:

    • Using applicable program and portfolio management practices and the related delivery method of either waterfall or Agile methodologies the Program Manager will establish and operate Program Management Office. The Program Manager will follow available guidelines, advice, procedures, workflows, tools & templates, documents necessary for smooth operation and delivery of the different transformation programs as part of Key program portfolio.

    • Program Integration Management:

    • The Program Manager will establish the processes, identify and manage the activities required to unify and coordinate various elements of Program Management details and related stakeholders.

    • Program Scope Management:

    • The Program Manager will jointly manage the scope of the different transformation programs to document and ascertain the work required for the successful completion of the program. Any Scope change will be assessed from a strategic impact and then documented as Change Request along with Impact analysis and will be duly processed through change management process. Program Governance Body will be required to approve the change and its due impact on timeline and cost.

    • Program Time & Schedule Management:

    • The Program Manager will work with the project managers and the digital factory head in order to plan and schedule the activities with resource & duration estimation and develop the Program schedule for the different transformation Programs. The Program Manager will implement necessary schedule control to manage the timely execution of the Program activities. Any delay in scheduled activities along with discussed with the project manager and respective delivery function and the resultant risks or issues will be independently reported to Program Governing Body.

    • Program Budget & Cost Management:

    • The Program Manager shall support with necessary analysis the Budget & Cost management. Any changes to budget will be as per change management process and will require approvals from Program Governing Body.

    • Program Quality Management:

    • The Program Manager will establish the process involved in ensuring the quality of Program deliverables satisfying the Program objectives. The Program Manager will plan and manage all quality control & assurance related activities. Quality control department will coordinate and work with the Program Manager.

    • Program Human Resource Management:

    • The Program Manager shall support the Program teams and HR in establishing the processes required for the planning, hiring and onboarding of program roles.

    • Program Communication, Reporting and Document Management:

    • The Program Manager will manage Program communication with internal stakeholders as per agreed communications plan. The Program Manager will establish the processes required for timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination and storage of Program information both in printed and electronic mediums.

    • Program Risk Management:

    • The Program Manager will review a risk register and advice appropriate mitigation action. Once approved by Program Governing Body, the Program Manager will support implementation of the mitigation action and highlight any non-compliance.

    • Program Procurement, Contract & Vendor Management:

    • The Program Manager shall support the Procurement management process for the different transformation Programs

    • Change Management:

    • The Program Manager will be publish change management process for the different transformation programs and will track all changes to the Program defined scope and evaluate the impact of the change, maintain a change request log and update the required documents/plans impacted by the change and manage the implementation. Program Governing Body will approve all change requests on timely basis.

    • Issue Management and Escalation:

    • The Program Manager will track issues; suggest and manage corrective actions to ensure proper and adequate response, application of corrective action and escalation if required. Project resources will act on corrective actions as requested.

    • Acceptance Testing:

    • The Program Manager will ensure acceptance testing is planned, manage and facilitate various testing requirements, test execution monitoring and defect management process where applicable.

    • Training and Deployment:

    • The Program Manager will ensure to manage various ‘end-user’ training requirements for the Program. The Program Manager will suggest and advise on the rollout strategy of the Program and plan to manage the rollout.

    • Program Execution and Control:

    • The Program Manager will establish, plan, manage and implement various execution, monitoring and control processes for the different transformation Programs as part of Program activities as listed below:

    • i. Program Deliverables Approvals (after Business & IT Approvals).

    • ii. Recommendation/Approvals/Implementation of change request.

    • iii.Recommendation/Approvals/Implementation of corrective actions.

    • Iv. Recommendation/Approvals/Implementation of preventive actions.

    • v. Work performance information/reports (PSR).

    • vi. Program Management Plan Updates.

    • vii.Program Scope Updates.

    Job Requirements

    • Leadership Skills

    • Negotiation & Problem solving

    • Technology skills

    • Risk Management

    • Monitoring & Evaluation

    • Budgeting & Scheduling

    • Organization Skills

    • Integration Management

    • Scope Management

    • Cost Management

    • Stakeholder Management

    • 7 year of Program/Project Management for Banking or Financial Services related Programs

    Job Details

    Company: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - ADIB

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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