• ADIB Bank Jobs in Abu Dhabi | ALM, FX & Institutional Sales Analyst

    ADIB Bank Jobs in Abu Dhabi | ALM, FX & Institutional Sales Analyst

    Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    The role is responsible for analyzing, reporting and assisting in day to day treasury related activities of the dealing desk in the Money Market and FX area. Develop strong knowledge of day to day activities of a full-fledged treasury along with an analytical and calm mind set under the pressure of the dealing room environment. The role will be responsible for tracking and analyzing FX flow transactions and its profitability. It will be responsible to ensure that all quoted FX flow transactions are booked and profitability is calculated at the market cover rate together with price monitoring, MIS report preparation for Cashflow, Currency Position, Wakala deposit etc and reconciliation of FX exposures of the bank.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Deposits:

    • Track customer deposits on a daily basis, keeping a holistic eye on banks deposit cost movement and trends along with competition scan.

    • Prepare and analyze various Wakala deposit MIS report. Prepare and track report for deposit rates quoted and book for the desk to analyze the trends.

    • Treasury Functions and framework:

    • Prepare and analyze daily dashboards to be used for decision making for MM and FX areas within treasury.

    • Research, write and circulate newsletter and research on funding, FX and Money Markets and conduct market scan for interbank and deposit rates.

    • Ensure end to end matching of FX Transactions with customers and covering along with reconciling of FX Profitability on monthly basis.

    • Communicate and collate cash-flow information from all reporting units ensuring information is received from all over the bank which helps in planning day to day liquidity management.

    • Assist in management of daily cash flows of all major currency books, with careful attention to detail. Matching and tagging all MM & FX transactions

    • Assist in updating all Product Programs for ALM & FX Desk

    • Support to Treasury function in international entities in day to day FX, MM transactions

    • Develop understanding of transactional flow of MM and FX areas along with cash flow impacts.

    • Develop understanding of Avantgard t o ensure ability to call and provide required reports and Input/Amend deals for products such as Murabaha / Wakala, FX Spot and FX Wa’ad.

    • Update and review on a timely basis all relevant policies, procedures and product programs for the Desk along with ensuring existence of same at international entities.

    • Reports:

    • Retrieve and review system reports and positions on daily basis and create MIS reports as guided by the Head of the desk.

    • Create reports on MM and FX Transactions.

    • Periodically compute, adhere and analyze CB liquidity regulations and Basel III ratios of ELAR, LCR and NSFR


    • Efficiency improvement on FX profitability of the desk

    • Ensure all limits adhered to.

    • Ensure deals are in order at the end of every day.

    • Ensure timely cashflow management is taken care of.

    • Ensure all daily transactions are executed.

    • Adhere to Sharia, legal, internal and monetary authorities guidelines

    Job Requirements

    • Minimum 2 internships in Treasury Department of any reputed Bank in UAE.

    • The candidate should have knowledge about UAE banking market and practices.

    • Should be a graduate from a reputed University with Finance as major (GPA > 3.5) and should have intention to take up Treasury related professional examinations like ACI Dealing Certificate (should be passed in the first year of joining), CTP, CFA etc.

    • Knowledge of foreign exchange and money markets.

    • Positive attitude and eagerness to learn. Quick and fast grasping power and to work under extreme stress and pressure

    • Knowledge of Sharia principles in banking operations.

    • Good command of English language.

    • Ability to work under pressure

    • Competencies

    • Basic financing and banking knowledge with an understanding of Market Market and FX products and related areas.

    • Interpersonal skills to build strong working partnerships with the team and various partners like TRMS, TIFO, TSU, Market risk and other related team members.

    • Self-starter attitude along with being a team player possessing IT Skill in Treasry related platforms

    Job Details

    Company: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - ADIB

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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