• ADIB Bank Careers in Egypt | Anti Money Laundering Officer

    ADIB Bank Careers in Egypt | Anti Money Laundering Officer

    Location: Egypt

    Job Description

    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - ADIB Egypt is currently recruiting for the role of Anti Money Laundering Officer

    Assist in implementation and successful execution of all aspects of AML, CFT and compliance programs, as mandated by CBE, local laws and in accordance to Bank’s internal policies and procedures.

    Provide guidance to branches to ensure the consistent application of bank’s AML/CFT monitoring principles

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Exercise periodical revision, to ensure abidance by the approved program, to remain current with all compliance requirements of the bank to keep pace with local regulations and requirements of the international development (if applicable) & Support other to implement AML program

    • Supervise related branches / departments to ensure full abidance of AML process.

    • Update staff with laws and regulations and any amendments

    • Preparing required reports , MIS

    • Cascade all changes in internal procedures, resulting from update of laws, regulations or trends to concerned departments / business units.

    • Follow up on implementation of laws, regulations and updates thereon.

    • Conduct ongoing internal compliance reviews, daily transactions monitoring activities and periodic reviews / visits to verify compliance with AML / laws, regulations and internal systems via off-site and on-site supervision.

    • Conduct periodic risk assessment and provide recommendations on updates to bank policies and procedures related to AML issues (including account monitoring, risk rating, enhanced due diligence, OFAC) and monitor implementation by concerned parties.

    • Conduct independent internal investigations, acting as independent and objective body for investigation, review and evaluation of the case, for AML/CFT related issues.

    • Collection and examination of financial statements and documents to assist in identification of unusual transaction patterns.

    • Coordinate with related parties to ensure timely implementation of corrective action plans in response to detected deficiencies and complaints.

    • Respond to detected offenses, develop corrective action and escalate to the AML & CFT Head.

    • Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information and submit to the AML & CFT Head for review.

    • Identify deficiencies, conduct investigation, develop action plan for corrective action and follow up on closure.

    • Stay current on global AML industry trends, directions and best practices.

    • Verify responding to internal and external inquiries regarding the company’s anti-money laundering policies and procedures.

    • Prepare AML required reports and submit to the AML & CFT for review.

    • Coordinate internal compliance review and monitoring activities, including periodic reviews / visits to departments / branches, to verify compliance with AML laws, regulations and internal systems via off-site and on-site reviews.

    • Preparation of the report on the AML cases arising from revision of system transaction report to be presented to the AML & CMT Head, highlighting major AML issues / concerns.

    • Conduct the daily monitoring of customer activities including the following: Customer KYC

    • Daily monitoring activities (FX transactions, local and foreign transfers, transactions exceeding the threshold established by local regulators and bank’s policies and procedures) for detection of unusual transactions.

    • Matching the monthly pattern analysis report with customer KYC to detect transactions or suspicious activities, inconsistent with customer profile.

    • Spot check visits to branches and HO departments, according to pre-set plan, at least once a year, to undergo compliance review and ensure full complying with laws and regulations.

    • Assist the AML & CFT Head to carry on the following functions:

    • Provide AML monitoring subject matter expertise on non-AML driven projects and ad-hoc activities, to all bank departments.

    • Highlights AML issues discovered during ongoing monitoring

    • And any other assigned Tasks

    Job Requirements

    • 5-8 years of banking experience, 3 Years of them in compliance and/or related departments

    Job Details

    Company: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - ADIB Egypt

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Cairo, Egypt