• AlTijari CBK Jobs in Kuwait | HR System Officer

    AlTijari CBK Jobs in Kuwait | HR System Officer

    Location: Kuwait

    Job Description

    the Commercial Bank of Kuwait - CBK is currently recruiting for the role of HR System Officer

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Strategy

    • Monitors the implementation of short-term and long-term Divisional strategy

    • Evaluates employee achievement and reviews and update set goals periodically

    • Budgeting and Financial Management

    • Ensures Division’s compliance with set Budget

    • Operational Duties

    • Creates HR System strategy that includes process and quality management

    • Evaluates existing systems/other products based on needs of Division and makes recommendations towards future developments and adaptation; once approved, changes the system(s) in accordance with the new requirements.

    • Implements new developments in the Bank’s HR system, while liaising with the vendor of the system for support services in order to implement such changes.

    • Closely follow up with the vendor for the implementation for the developments and changes as per the business request.

    • Progresses systems activity within defined configurations, recommending changes where appropriate.

    • Maintains and develops core HR IT systems, specifically contributing to the development of and subsequent maintenance of HR hierarchies (e.g. reporting lines)

    • Contributes to, develops and maintains systems and permissions architecture as defined by the HR Information Systems Manager

    • Carry out HR system administration activities – e.g. system maintenance, system testing, system/data checks fault-finding and resolution, managing user access.

    • Supports others using the systems – e.g. designing and delivering training, and producing user guides.

    • Works with intranet/internet technology as required

    • Employs sound judgment and handles confidential information with tact and diplomacy.

    • Sees to any additional request made by Division Head, Executive or Senior Manager

    • Handling all Scheduling system requests & reports.

    • Develop/Design/Maintain reports based on user requirements using different reporting tools.

    • Ensures correct system usage by the users.

    • Extract requested data from Database using SQL.

    • Identify & Troubleshoot System Errors and escalate them to the responsible party (Vendor/ ITD).

    • Maintains accurate Integration between HRMS and other related systems.

    • Customer’ Relations Management (internal and/or external)

    • Develops and maintains relationships with all stakeholders

    • Ensures Client satisfaction with the Division’s products and services

    • Addresses all Client requests and orders, and redirects, if needed, to the concerned parties for proper solutions

    • Documentation and Reporting

    • Collects, stores and maintains relative data ensuring accurate documentation of information

    • Submits analysis and reporting on a periodic basis (weekly, monthly, and quarterly)

    • Policies and Procedures

    • Abides by all Divisional policies and procedures

    • Auditing and Review

    • Identifies and corrects data discrepancies, ensuring the highest standards of data accuracy.

    Job Requirements

    • Good English communication skills.

    • Must have experience in SQL language.

    • Must have experience in any report designing tool preferably Fast-Report.

    • Programming background is a plus.

    • Knowledge in relational database is a plus.

    • Experience in HRMS Analysis/Design & implementation is a plus.

    Job Details

    Company: Commercial Bank of Kuwait - CBK

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Hawali, Kuwait