• HSBC Careers | Regional Project Manager - Operations Transformation

    HSBC Careers | Regional Project Manager - Operations Transformation

    Location: Egypt

    Job Description

    Global Operations Transformation Project Managers are at the centre of how Global Operations Transformation shapes, delivers and embeds change working with our delivery partners. They are typically responsible for Requirements Management, Design, Change Management and Implementation Management for transformational projects across MENAT . Project Managers work collaboratively with delivery partners and subject matter experts in gathering, translating and clarifying requirements and defining design options, manage project implementation till project closure/benefit realization. In systems related projects and programmes, the role holder will support Software Delivery and IT Operations with the translation of business requirements and designs into more detailed functional requirements and designs, often representing the voice of the customer in these discussions. The Business Analyst’s Change Management activities span from early change planning and audience analysis; through to designing and delivering change interventions (e.g. communications, training, support, organisation alignment); and tracking and taking actions on change readiness, adoption, and feedback. Business Analysts are also responsible for Implementation Management, including planning, controlling and reporting on implementation of the change ‘product’, focusing on accelerating benefits and minimising risk during deployment. Implementation activities will also include managing implementation till project delivery/closure. In reengineering projects, they work closely with the Process Consultants in analysing and re-engineering world class processes. Business Analysts will often lead design workstreams or teams, managing other Global Operations Transformation Analysts, SMEs and resources from our delivery partners ..

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Value Creation

    • Employs an improvement mindset to identify and define issues or problems that are less obvious; participates actively and constructively in brainstorming meetings where problems are discussed and/or resolved

    • Brings structure and order to undefined problems and/or large scale problems, making them easier to address and solve

    • Uses systemic thinking and creativity in devising solution options

    • Evaluates relative costs, benefits and obstacles of potential solutions before implementing

    • Articulates or translates complex information in clear, meaningful and structured way to suit audience

    • Understands the Group’s priorities, competitors and competitive strategy to help drive strategically aligned solutions, considering aspects of risk/reward.

    • Questions small-scale business decisions that do not demonstrate alignment to the Group’s commercial strategy

    • Anticipates issues and risks and acts to mitigate these quickly; handles any unforeseen roadblocks swiftly and effectively

    • Thinks ahead to identify potential risks to service or performance and deals with them proactively; effectively manages review processes to identify quality issues early

    • Builds effective working relationships with analysis and design teams in our delivery partners and works well with external partners

    • Often acts as an expert across multiple projects or programmes simultaneously, guiding the teams on their requirements gathering, design, change or implementation approach. May conduct one off business research and analysis tasks related to programme or project scope.

    • Operational Performance

    • Defines requirements management processes and designs detailed business solutions and structures based on business requirements; challenges business intent in a constructive manner

    • Identifies areas of impact on the target operating model and designs activities to mitigate impact

    • Manages requirements traceability through design and delivery

    • Utilises financial skills to develop a high level business case, considering investment and high level benefits

    • Manages the change implementation activities, including business readiness assessment (i.e. avoiding multiple change clashes), implementation pilot (including approach and checklists) and actual implementation (including reporting status and issues)

    • Manages the change audience through the commitment curve with communications, training and development

    • Supports reengineering of processes, where process is one of the many parts of the change, and provides detailed guidance on process design (considering risk, end-to-end and cost)

    • Supports the programme management with impact assessment for change requests on design, scope, time, budget or effort on programme plan and provides accurate estimates for handling new requirements, design changes and scope

    • Supports project or programme resourcing activities

    • Allocates tasks and objectives to all involved stakeholders on a project or programme

    • Capability and People Development

    • Promotes pace and energy within the team and leads by example

    • Understands differences between people as an opportunity to learn from varied viewpoints

    • Gains a clear understanding of others’ point of view by listening, asking clarifying questions and reflecting back; encourages and facilitates open and honest debate with tact and integrity, even where sensitive issues are involved

    • Supports others design efforts where they have relevant experience and operates in a collaborative manner

    • Organises team engagement and motivation initiatives (e.g. learning and development opportunities, team networking events etc.)

    • Builds professional relationships and networks with people in or outside the team as part of day-to-day work

    • Seeks opportunities to work collaboratively across boundaries (e.g. with different teams, geographies, cultures etc.)

    • Manages a team and the performance of individuals against performance objectives and project or programme plan

    Job Requirements

    • Lean Sigx Sigma knowledge/Certification– Expected to work towards qualification

    • Very good Excel, MS Access and SharePoint development skills – Differentiator

    • Degree in Business Information Systems or a related field – Differentiator

    • Degree in business administration / management / economics, engineering and science – Differentiator

    • Good understanding of Global Transformation Business Transformation Frameworks, Agile methodologies and best practice techniques

    • A thorough understanding of the purpose, values, culture and fundamentals of Global Transformation

    • Outstanding understanding of HSBC Group structures, processes and objectives

    • Very strong knowledge of the external environment – regulatory, political, competitors etc.

    • Basic Business reengineering knowledge

    • Business analysis, requirements gathering and design techniques

    • Change management and implementation management techniques and approaches

    • Understanding of IT Systems Architecture development/implementation

    • Proven track record as an outstanding analyst, consultant and/or project manager

    • Overall financial services industry knowledge with specific functional expertise

    • Extensive experience gathering requirements and conducting design activity, with a mix of business, operations and technology focused projects

    • Exposure to business case development and a sound understanding of how design enablers underpin business benefits

    • Strong experience of delivering change into different audiences and managing implementation in banking environments (branch, contact centre, trading floor, operations, head office etc).

    • Effective communication, inter-personal and negotiating skills

    • Excellent decision making and problem solving ability

    • Sound judgmental skills to identify and resolve problems

    • Experience of managing resources using appropriate communication, delegation and planning skills

    • Ability to motivate and lead people, employing appropriate management styles

    • Proven ability to work across regions whilst maintaining a global perspective

    • Proven ability to work with senior stakeholders and sponsors

    • Experience in conducting technical assessment of EUC toolset

    • Relevant experience in implementing large scale tools and infrastructure at an enterprise level in a financial industry.

    • Experience in developing and implementing EUC tools for a global user base.

    • Experience in IT architecture and system design

    Job Details

    Company: HSBC

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Cairo, Egypt