• First Abu Dhabi Bank Jobs in Kuwait | Manager Compliance

    First Abu Dhabi Bank Jobs in Kuwait | Manager Compliance

    Location: Kuwait

    Job Description

    Reporting to the Head of Compliance – (Kuwait) to ensure that the activities and businesses of Kuwait related to Compliance and Financial crime are carried out in accordance with local rules and regulations.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Assist the Head of Compliance in managing Kuwait compliance and financial crime activities, ensuring alignment with local regulatory requirements for Kuwait activities & business (such as CIB, Global Market, etc.) Via concise, accurate and relevant compliance reporting including whistle blowing activities, breach reporting and reporting of suspicious activities, and complaints handling.

    • Assist Head of compliance in developing a Risk-Based Compliance Monitoring Program (CMP).

    • Conduct reviews as per the monitoring plan and draft compliance reports highlighting regulatory weaknesses and areas of non-compliance for management together with recommendations for corrective action.

    • Manage periodic monitoring and follow-ups on corrective actions.

    • Ensure that there is proper coordination with external auditors, local/Group internal auditors to ensure smooth delivery of duties/tasks and that exceptions raised are properly followed-up.

    • Assist Head of compliance in Identifying and managing compliance trainings for core and high-risk areas to ascertain that all staff are aware of their regulatory obligations with emphasis on AML, CFT and sanctions to educate staff and raise their awareness of their individual obligations in relation to AML, CFT and sanctions and have a working knowledge of how to identify suspicious transactions.

    • To keep abreast of regulatory developments in Kuwait and to review changes to regulation, analyse its impact for FAB.

    • To Keep abreast of Kuwait AML, CFT law 106/2013, its explanatory memorandum and any Ministerial resolution or competent authorities decisions in that concerns, Central Bank of Kuwait regulations, and any subsequent amendments thereof.

    • Ensure all ‘red flags’ for any AML / CDD checks performed have been fully reviewed and that any adverse comments have been fully investigated and the risk mitigated.

    • To coordinate with competent authorities regarding Compliance and FCC issues.

    • Attend promptly to any request for information made by any competent authority.

    • Undertake reviews of suspicious activities and file Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR’s) to KFIU.

    • Conduct special investigations or reviews as and when required.

    • Maintain a cordial working relationship between compliance and the other branch Business Lines , Maintain interactive relationships with regulators in Kuwait

    • Assist the Head of compliance in periodic assessment and review of the compliance and financial crime related policies and procedures to ensure that Kuwait has an effective governance framework in place.

    • Assist Head of Compliance to provide Support to management and staff in Kuwait on day to day activities relating to, Financial Crime and Compliance matters that best meet FAB’s interest.

    Job Requirements

    • Kuwaiti Nationality Only

    Job Details

    Company: First Abu Dhabi Bank - FAB

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Kuwait