• Si-Ware Systems Egypt Summer Internship

    Si-Ware Systems Egypt Summer Internship

    Location: Egypt

    Job Description

    Si-Ware Systems is pleased to announce its Summer Internship Program starting July this Year. The program is open for 3rd-4th year graduate students studying Electronics and Communication Engineering with grades very good or excellent. The internship period is 6 to 8 weeks. The candidate is expected to work in a challenging environment working on solving engineering problems, prototyping and increasing the efficiency of the design process and obtaining experimental results.

    Internship Opportunities With Our

    1. Systems Development Team

    2. MEMS Development Team

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:


    • Contribute to NeoSpectra spectral sensors system characterization, calibration and validation, building necessary testing setups and algorithms.

    • Work on modeling and simulation of NeoSpectra spectral systems.

    • Support Failure/Root-Cause analysis, Yield analysis and Reliability Qualification of spectral products.

    • Study new spectrometer system architectures, and implement lab-setups/prototypes for concept validation.

    • Solve system-level issues by DSP algorithms.

    • Interface with different components (MEMS, Optics, Software, Electronics, Mechanics, ...).


    • Characterization & testing of MEMS.

    • Developing platforms for MEMS data manipulation.

    • Contribute to development, modeling, simulation, & layout of MEMS.

    Job Requirements


    • Accumulative score of >= 75% or GPA >= 3 with very good understanding of Optics, Electronics and MEMS fundamentals.

    • Very good understanding of Optics, Electronics and MEMS fundamentals.

    • Strong technical background in DSP.

    • Familiarity with MATLAB is preferable.

    • System-level experience in previous projects.

    • Previous experience in spectroscopy is a plus.

    • Experience with DSP algorithms is a plus.

    • Hands on experience in performing lab experiments, testing, characterization and failure analysis, is a plus.

    • Self-starter with demonstrated quantitative analysis and problem solving skills

    • Able to pro-actively communicate with different teams and work under pressure.


    • Familiarity with Excel (Macros is a plus).

    • Familiarity with Matlab or Octave.

    • Familiarity with any scripting language is a plus.

    • Basic knowledge of MEMS Characterization, design, & fabrication technologies is a plus.

    • Basic knowledge with lab equipment & ability to build bench characterization setups for measuring the performance of MEMS as well as optical components is a plus.

    • Demonstrated quantitative analysis & problem solving skills.

    • Teamwork orientation, effective verbal & written communication skills, & have tendency towards creativity & innovation.

    • Pro-active & initiative.

    • Very good documentation skills.

    • Very good command of English language.

    Job Details

    Company: Si-Ware Systems

    Employment Type: Internship

    Job Location: Cairo, Egypt