• AAIB Bank Careers | DevOps Engineer Job, Egypt

    AAIB Bank Careers | DevOps Engineer Job, Egypt

    Location: Egypt

    Job Description

    the Arab African International Bank is currently recruiting for the role of Digital Factory - DevOps Engineer

    The DevOps Engineer helps increase speed of delivery, improve quality/security of code, and optimize processes for development team. The DevOps Engineer is responsible for identifying the bottlenecks of various development and delivery processes, working with team members to improve them, and improving the overall experience of developers. They are responsible for infrastructure-as-code deployment tooling and supporting services on multiple cloud provides along with metrics and login

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Works closely with Tech Leads and developers of various teams to assess existing problems and to come up with process improvement solutions

    • Identifies bottlenecks in coding development and deployment processes

    • Participates in planning delivery time, code quality, and process efficiency improvement projects

    • Executes on plan by building coding standardizations and automating processes for the organization

    • Performs daily tasks such as environmental health checks, disk space monitoring, and environmental status reports

    • Maintains and grows knowledge of platform configuration management and troubleshooting

    • Actively participates in deploying application artifacts to appropriate target environments using the supported technologies and infrastructure

    • Surveys developers and technical members of the organization to understand their main pain points in the coding and development process

    • Collaborates with the rest of DevOps team to deliver consistent and holistic solution to the organization

    Job Requirements

    Job Details

    Company: Arab African International Bank (AAIB)

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Egypt

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