• Airport Guest Service Agent - Part-time Job in San Jose | Hawaiian Airlines

    Location: San Jose, CA, USA

    Job Description

    Our guest service agents provide our guests with an authentic Hawaiian hospitality experience working at the ticket counter and at the gates. They possess exceptional communication skills, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and are willing to lend a helping hand.

    Pay and Benefits

    This position is represented by a union collective bargaining agreement. The current pay for this position is $19.11 per hour.

    Job Requirements

    • Legally authorized to work in the United States

    • Minimum age 18 years old

    • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent education

    • Ability to lift up to 70 lbs. when checking in guests’ bags

    • Ability to work any shift awarded

    • Ability to complete pre-employment drug test and if hired, random drug testing

    • Ability to fulfill comprehensive background checks and fingerprinting to satisfy company security requirements and obtain various clearances to work at the airport (SIDA, Customs, USPS as applicable)

    • No visible body art. Visible is considered anything seen while wearing a Hawaiian Airlines standard uniform piece (short-sleeved shirt or blouse), including but not limited to the neck area and above, any visible areas with arms lifted above the head, or any visible areas while in a crouching position. Covering tattoos with makeup, bandages or wearing a long-sleeved shirt under the short-sleeved standard uniform piece is not acceptable.

    • Preferred Qualifications

    • Airline experience

    • Customer service experience in the hospitality industry

    Job Details

    Company: Hawaiian Airlines

    Employment Type: Part-time

    Job Location: San Jose, CA, USA