• GoJet Airlines | Flight Attendant - Chicago

    Location: Chicago, IL, USA

    Job Description

    GoJet Airlines is seeking friendly and outgoing individuals to join its award-winning flight attendant team. No previous experience is required, but successful applicants should be highly professional, enthusiastic, and committed to providing high-quality customer service., and must be able to work effectively with pilots and ground crews and enjoy traveling and meeting new people. Flight attendants will be based in Chicago, IL (ORD) and must reside or be willing to relocate within two hours of the airport.

    GoJet Airlines offers a variable schedule for Flight Attendants, including nights, weekends, and holidays, with schedules awarded based on seniority. During their first year, they can expect a reserve schedule.

    Flight Attendant candidates must complete a five to six week paid training program at GoJet Flight Attendant Training Center in Saint Louis, MO, and undergo a hands-on aircraft evaluation, with two complimentary courses provided through the Inflight Institute.

    Benefits and Perks

    Flight Attendant's starting pay is $19.58 per hour, with a guaranteed 75 flight hours per month. GoJet covers parking, hotel accommodations, and $2.00 per hour in per diem while away from base.

    Job Requirements

    The minimum requirements for this role include being at least 21 years old, having a valid driver's license or state ID, having a current passport, being legally eligible to work in the U.S., possessing excellent communication skills, adhering to uniform standards, having a high school diploma or GED, fluency in English, 20/40 correctable vision, being at least 4'11" tall, being able to work days, nights, holidays, weekends, and extended hours away from home, being willing to work on an on-call basis, having a reliable mode of transportation to and from the airport, being able to walk comfortably down the aircraft aisle, and having flown at least once as a passenger on an airplane.

    Job Details

    Company: GoJet Airlines

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Chicago, IL, USA