• Abu Dhabi University Careers | Executive Assistant - UAE وظائف جامعة أبو ظبي

    Abu Dhabi University Careers | Executive Assistant - UAE وظائف جامعة أبو ظبي

    Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Job Description

    Abu Dhabi University is hiring an Executive Assistant to assist the Dean and his/her office in ensuring the smooth functioning of the College.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

      Admin Support

    • Provides assistance to Dean and coordinates meetings, agendas, report compiling, travelling arrangements, etc.

    • Prepares a to do list based on importance and urgency of matters to be addressed

    • Assists with preparation of power point and other presentations by the Dean

    • Reminds and supports the Dean in tasks prioritization and meeting scheduling.

    • Raises requisitions on the system and follow up with procurement on delivery of purchased items.

    • Manages business travel arrangements for professional development purposes.

    • Follows up on expense reports related to the Dean Business travels and helps other faculty members in the college, as requested by the Dean .

    • Helps orient new faculty with office space and college space plan.

    • Files documents and correspondence appropriately, in both the electronic and other forms.

    • Assists the Dean’s office with obtaining any required data, information, course files, or accreditation documents.

    • Reviews all incoming correspondence in all forms, electronic and others, before forwarding to the Dean.

    • Attends telephonic and ‘in-person’ calls for the Dean and screening them before forwarding to the Dean.

    • Undertakes any other tasks requested by the Dean in relation to College and University needs

    • Student and College level support

    • Relays reports and proposals from the students and faculty to improve procedures to the Dean.

    • Manages student complaints by directing their complaints to right channel.

    • Enters survey responses in the system after collecting the results

    • Compiles list of books to be purchased by library based on the department chairs recommendations.

    • Screens registration related requests such as change of major, manual entry of grades before relaying to the Dean.

    • Works closely with HR and finance in payments related matter such as faculty overloads and expense report payments.

    • Coordinates the process of updating College brochures and when required distribution of course materials to students

    • Links suppliers and vendors to received procured items for the college

    • Supports and assists the College in organizing events.

    Job Requirements

    • A Bachelor’s Degree, Master's degree is desirable

    • 3 years experience

    • Administrative experience, preferably as an executive assistant in a University or corporate context

    • Experience in diary management and a proven office management skills in an executive setting

    • English is a must, Arabic is desirable

    • Computer skills (Microsoft, ERP), presentation and public speaking, communication, creativity

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: Abu Dhabi University

    Vacancy Type: Full-time Job

    Job Functions: Administrative

    Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Application Deadline: N/A

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