• dnata Cargo Agent Dubai

    Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates


    The Cargo Agent will handle all cargo-related tasks such as documentation, customer service, acceptance, delivery, breakdown, build-up, equipment operation, and transport to ensure smooth cargo operations in Export and Import.

    As a Cargo Agent, you will be responsible for following departmental policies, processes, and standard operating procedures to ensure a controlled and consistent work environment. You will also be responsible for daily operations related to your job, discussing safety concerns openly and reporting them to the supervisor. You will also comply with safety, quality, and environmental management policies to maintain a healthy work environment. You will guide and assist the team of Loaders and Equipment Operators in cargo handling activities, including build-up, breakdown, acceptance, delivery, and documentation of goods. You will also inspect and validate goods against relevant documentation and count them at every point of delivery, acceptance, breakdown, and build-up. You will also enter data manually or automatically in cargo systems, coordinate with government authorities, handle special cargo in line with IATA manuals, operate equipment like tow trucks and forklifts, and load and unload cargo from ULDs, aircrafts, and trucks.


    To be considered for this role, candidates must have Minimum of 10 years of schooling or higher secondary education (12 years schooling), 2 years of experience in logistics and cargo, or 1 year (in case of Higher Secondary education), and English level 4. Must also have completed trainings in civil aviation, cargo product knowledge, special load handling, dangerous goods handling, basic airline security, human factors for airport operations, ramp safety induction, warehouse safety equipment, valid license for operating equipment, and a safe pallet training system like DACS+ and CAMSYS.


    Company: Emirates Group

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates