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    British Council Careers | Invigilator

    Location: Cairo & Alexandria, Egypt

    Job Description

    The British Council Egypt is currently recruiting Invigilator To ensure that any test administered by the British Council runs smoothly on the test day/s and that all assigned test day duties and standards are met.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • As an Invigilator you will be part of a wider team of exams venue staff expected to support the delivery of a variety of tests in various locations.

    • You will be required to work very closely with British Council Examinations Services staff, other venue staff and venue service providers to ensure that any test administered by the British Council runs smoothly on the test day/s and that all assigned test day duties and standards are met.

    • Report promptly to test venue at agreed time. In case of any delays or if unable to get to the test venue, inform the appropriate test day or British Council Examinations Services staff in a timely manner.

    • Follow all relevant standards & procedures, based on training and reference materials provided by the British Council Examinations Services and the relevant Exam Boards.

    • Enable good customer flow by giving candidates clear direction and answering their enquiries.

    • Ensure that candidates follow the agreed exam procedures regarding the location and security of their belongings.

    • Conduct candidate entry, exit, identity checks and Test Day Photography procedures according to exam requirements.

    • Ensure special arrangements are provided as required.

    • Be familiar with the emergency procedures for the test day venue.

    • Invigilate examinations to the standard required by the British Council Examinations Service and the relevant Exams Boards.

    • Actively monitor candidates during tests to make sure that there is no violation of test conditions.

    • Support the supervisor to ensure that candidates have a positive and consistent test day experience and a positive image of the British Council.

    • Ensure all material is accounted for and handed over securely to the supervisor.

    • Complete and maintain accurate records of exam assignments. Complete all reports, logs and claims accurately as required by British Council Examinations Services.

    • Follow all relevant guidelines and policies in the areas of: Data Protection, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, and Anti-Fraud.

    • Report any incidents, emergencies or breaches of security to the appropriate test day supervisor.

    • Work with the test day supervisor to promote and ensure the wellbeing of candidates at all time. In case of emergencies, follow correct procedures.

    • Additional duties in line with the role may be required.

    Job Requirements

    • College graduate or equivalent from any university (public or private) – Undergraduates are allowed only if you have a Gap Year

    • Customer service: experience of responding to children and parents' needs (as customers) in a professional manner, to a high level of quality.

    • Communications in Arabic and English level 1: Communicates clearly and effectively. Listens to others and expresses self clearly, with grammatical accuracy and awareness of a diverse audience in speaking and writing.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: British Council Egypt

    Employment Type: Part-time Job

    Job Functions: Customer Service

    Job Location: Cairo & Alexandria, Egypt

    Start date: April 2019

    Salary/Compensation: 60 LE per hour for examination time

    Application Deadline: 31 March 2019

    Apply For Job

    1. Read carefully the Invigilator Role profile

    2. Download and fill the Application Form

    3. Submit it to the following email:

    4. NB: CVs are not accepted, we will process completed application forms only

      NB: Shortlisting and Interviews will take place: 01 February 2019