• Emirates SkyCargo Careers | Cargo Scheduling And Planning Officer

    Emirates SkyCargo Careers | Cargo Scheduling And Planning Officer

    Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    This job will provide dedicated and specialised support to the Scheduling and Planning area at Emirates SkyCargo Freighters. Process, distribute and maintain EK's Operating Plans on company's intranet (Groupworld). Disseminate EK's operating as well as marketing schedules to SkyChain, CORE, OAG and all inter-facing systems. Undertake planning, coordination and implementation of all matters relating to Freighter operations in SkyCargo.

    This includes all aspects of short, medium and long term scheduling (including the seasonal Operating Plans), Schedules for Diversions and Charters, ensuring both operational and commercial integrity is maintained while meeting all safety, quality and customer service standards. Ensure that all activities take place in an effective and efficient manner so as to ensure all services are adequately covered especially at times of schedule disruptions, schedule adjustments, additional operations and new route introductions. Undertake the other aspects of Freighter Department including invoicing and accounting.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

    • Be well versed with working on Air Vision Planning and Scheduling system to prepare Seasonal, Mid and Short term freighter schedules, in a timely manner ensuring all commercial and operational requirements are met.

    • Extract SkyCargo Freighters Operating as well as marketing schedules from the scheduling system and process the schedules in schedule database so that Operating Plans can be published on the company's intranet. Synchronize the Operating Plans with every schedule change notice to reflect latest information on SkyCargo Freighter’s portal.

    • Disseminate EK's operating and marketing flight schedules to SkyChain, CORE, POWER, OAG, Innovate and other recipient systems in the company. Ensure all schedule change notices are communicated in their respective formats to these systems in order to maintain high level of accuracy.

    • Distribute detailed flight schedules to every subscribed GDS individually in IATA SSIM / SSM / ASM formats. Ensure all DEI's (data element identifiers) are correctly positioned and accurate information is disseminated to all the GDS as per their upload schedules in accordance with their contractual arrangements with Emirates.

    • Maintain data tables in scheduling system relating to new aircraft deliveries, new destinations, traffic restrictions, time-zones, airport curfews, and Data Element Identifiers. Timely update all these tables in order to provide accurate information during the schedule development process.

    • Compare schedules information on a weekly basis between Air Vision, SkyChain, CORE, POWER, RPS, OAG and Innovata and perform data integrity checks. Identify discrepancies and take necessary steps to address the discrepancies in a timely manner so that all systems that rely on schedules information are always in sync.

    • Generate airport Slot Clearance Requests (SCR’s) as per IATA Chapter 6 format and abide by World Scheduling Guidelines when requesting for new slots or change in allocated slots. Send slot updates to all airports that are impacted as a result of changes done to the schedule.

    • Support the production and distribution of Emirates public timetable, ensuring that the final printed timetables carry accurate information and meets quality standards and product specifications. Ensure timely delivery from the printers and liaise with central services for world-wide shipment.

    • Ensure all approvals and permits are obtained from government and other agencies for the smooth operation of scheduled freighter services and for incorporation and publication in the quarterly airline time table so that the freighter network information is available to customers.

    • Provide support to the Manager Cargo Scheduling & Planning Manager in slot co-ordination activity especially from an operational perspective when additional charter flights are operated or obtaining specific slots during schedule disruptions so as to be able maintain the required performance level on slot utilisation such that slot historics are protected.

    Job Requirements

    • Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent)

    • Logistics/Cargo: 3+ Years

    • Should have good knowledge of IATA regulations, rules and procedures.

    • Should have completed approved Cargo Acceptance and Handling courses including Special Cargo Handling and Acceptance, Cargo Product Knowledge, Advanced Load Control and Freighter Load Control.

    Job Details

    Company/Organization: Emirates SkyCargo

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates